English Café

Short-term Mission Vision

The goal of the English Café is to discuss the Gospel and the Reformed faith in a natural setting through meeting the common need of many francophones in Quebec—English speaking practice. You may begin by talking about simple topics or by introducing yourself; keeping in mind that for the other person, English is a second language. You'll want to practice speaking slowly and clearly, and avoid using conjunctions (can't, don't, gonna, gotta, etc.)!

During the conversation you may have opportunities to talk about the Christian faith, the Protestant religion, and to give your personal testimony. For instance, a Québecer may ask why you came to Québec to help him practice his English. The door is open to say that you came with a group from a Christian Protestant church in order to help the église Réformée St-Marc in Québec City. The Québecer will most likely be interested to learn more, particularly since few know much about the Protestant church, and the Reformed or Presbyterian church is almost completely unheard of. You can also offer the business card of Pastor Bernard Westerveld so that the visitor leaves with the basic information about the église Réformée St-Marc. Members of St-Marc will help take care of follow-up if the person shows further interest.

Requirements for the English Café

Time Frame

Consider coming during an American holiday: Thanksgiving Day weekend, a part of Christmas/New Year's break, during a January session off from college, or spring break.


Mr. Bernard Westerveld, Pastor
Église réformée St-Marc
844, rue de Contrecoeur
Ste-Foy (Québec) G1X 2X8

NOTE: A printable copy of the "Application for Québec Short-Term Mission Program" is available by clicking here.

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