Daily Devotional

November 26

Twilight: Peace as a Guardian

by the Rev. Andrew Kuyvenhoven

Monthly Theme:

Philippians is Paul's love letter. The epistle is also a good instrument for learning the secret of this great man. Paul considered living Christ and dying gain. And, although he wrote from a prison cell, his refrain was "Rejoice in the Lord always."

Bible Reading:

Philippians 4:4–7

Bible Text:

The peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus (Phil. 4:7).


The result of prayer is peace. When we have "made known our requests to God—with thanksgiving," anxiety evaporates, and "the peace of God" takes charge of our lives. That's God's promise.

God's peace is more than we can ever comprehend until we have it. It transcends understanding. Yet our need for it is as basic as our need for food and drink.

The church lives in a hostile environment. Terror and evil are always at the door. Therefore we fear. Poverty, ill health, failure, disaster, and a host of unfriendly forces beat on our hearts and minds. But we have learned how to pray. And in answer to our requests, God places a sentry at the entrance of our lives: "the peace of God will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus."

The hostile forces also surrounded our Lord. Yet there was a serenity in him that makes us envious. After a full day's work he lay down in the boat and slept. Meanwhile his disciples were terrified that they would drown. They cried to Jesus. They "prayed," one might say. They made their "request" known in one loud, panic-stricken cry: "Lord save us; we are perishing!"

Christ stood up and said to the waves and the wind: "Peace, be still." "And there was a great calm."

Andrew Kuyvenhoven's Daylight, a modern devotional classic, was originally published in 1994. This edition is copyright by Faith Alive Christian Resources, from whom may be ordered Daylight, the predecessor of Twilight.

A man of many accomplishments, Andrew Kuyvenhoven is probably best known for his contributions to Today (formerly The Family Altar), a widely-used monthly devotional booklet associated with the Back to God Hour. Unless otherwise indicated, Scripture quotations for this edition of Twilight are from the New International Version

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