Daily Devotional


June 28

June 29
The Story of the Risen Christ’s Glory

June 30
Christ’s Transforming Power

July 1
Christ’s Glory at a Wedding

July 2
Fans or Followers?

July 3
The “I Am” Sayings

July 4
The Shepherd—the Good One!

July 5
Christ’s Pastoral Shepherding

July 6
Where Should You Go to Church?

July 7
Being True to the Vine

July 8
I Believe in the Holy Spirit

July 9
In the Comfort of the Holy Spirit

July 10
Churches Working and Bonded Together

July 11
Pride Comes Before Destruction

July 12
Have a Good Cry When Saying Goodbye

July 13
“Wowed” by the Gospel

July 14
Gospel Defined

July 15
Gospel Is from God and about God

July 16
The Wrath of God

July 17
The Art of Christian Living

July 18
On Being Righteous

July 19
Personal Perils Create Pearls

July 20
Are You a Peacemaker?

July 21
Obey, Pay, Pray

July 22
Saluted by God

July 23
Thanking God for Grace in Others

July 24
A Time for Self-examination

July 25
Discerning the Lord’s Body

July 26
The Gift Gives Gifts

July 27
The Resurrection Story

July 28
Life in the War Zone

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