Daily Devotional


September 27
The Need for Salvation

September 28
Encouragement in Prayer

September 29
The Blessed Inheritance

September 30
Suffer Injustice

October 1
A Treasure in Earthen Vessels

October 2
Becoming Old

October 3
Becoming Older

October 4

October 5
The Lord Knows Your Groaning

October 6
Confession of Sin

October 7
Asaph’s Struggle of Faith

October 8
God’s Faithfulness

October 9
God Sees Walls

October 10

October 11

October 12
Thanksgiving Day

October 13
A True Thanksgiving Day

October 14
A Joyful Thanksgiving Day

October 15
Chosen for What Purpose?

October 16
Blessed Are the Dead

October 17
Blessed Are the Dead

October 18
Sinking Down

October 19
Drawn Up

October 20
Better to Be in the House of Mourning

October 21
The Living Will Lay It to His Heart

October 22
The Heart Is Made Better

October 23
God’s Grace

October 24
Judah, Thou Art the One

October 25
The Message of the Fading Leaf: A Reflection on the Fall Season

October 26
Our Iniquities Take Us Away: A Reflection on the Fall Season

October 27
Keeping Silence

October 28
Confession Leads to Forgiveness

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