Daily Devotional


April 5
Tell the Disciples

April 6
He Goes Before into Galilee

April 7
Into Galilee

April 8
Christ Goes Before

April 9
And Peter

April 10
Chief of Sinners Called

April 11
He Leads the Way

April 12
The Resurrection of the Body

April 13
A Spiritual Body

April 14
We Trusted

April 15
Hope Regained

April 16
Lovest Thou Me?

April 17
Lovest Thou Me More Than These?

April 18
The Lord Knows All Things

April 19
Peter’s Grief

April 20
Christ’s Love to Peter

April 21
Restoring Grace Given to Peter

April 22
The Calling of God’s People

April 23

April 24
Yet They Have Believed

April 25
The Resurrection Life

April 26
Of Me Also

April 27
From Death to Life

April 28
A Wonderful Meal

April 29
When the Doors Were Shut

April 30
The Heavenly Inheritance

May 1
The Gates in the Life of a Christian

May 2
The Last Enemy

May 3
The Last Enemy Destroyed

May 4
With God Forever

May 5
No God!

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