Daily Devotional


June 3
The Catholic Church

June 4
The Great Physician

June 5
My Soul Magnifies the Lord

June 6
Getting Ready for Christmas

June 7
The Song of Heaven’s Army

June 8
Glory and Peace

June 9
Who Receives the Peace of Christ?

June 10
An Important Announcement

June 11
Fire and Shovels

June 12
Youth and the Ministry of Christ

June 13
Celebrating Celebrities?

June 14

June 15
A Funeral Procession

June 16

June 17
Who Are Your Friends?

June 18
Who Is My Neighbour?

June 19
Are You Saved?

June 20

June 21
The Cost of Discipleship

June 22
Sit, Listen and Take up Your Cross

June 23
Pointed Stories

June 24
Are You Too Busy?

June 25
Can Faith be Increased?

June 26
Working for the Lord

June 27
A Bought Thief

June 28

June 29
The Story of the Risen Christ’s Glory

June 30
Christ’s Transforming Power

July 1
Christ’s Glory at a Wedding

July 2
Fans or Followers?

July 3
The “I Am” Sayings

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