Daily Devotional


March 29
God Keeps Track of Your Tears

March 30
I Put My Trust in God

March 31
The Only Psalm

April 1
Trust in God and Not in People

April 2
Like a Rock

April 3
The Lord’s Providential Care

April 4
Old Age, Gray Hairs

April 5
Taking Refuge

April 6
Lessons in God’s School

April 7
Is There Anything Left to Do?

April 8
Who Is Your Keeper?

April 9
Learning to Learn!

April 10
A Matter of Trust

April 11
Of Fathers and Mothers

April 12
Educating Children

April 13
The Blessing of the Lord

April 14
God’s Name Is a Tower of Strength

April 15
What Are Your Plans?

April 16
On Feeling Lousy

April 17
When Life Seems Meaningless

April 18
Everything Made Beautiful in Its Time

April 19
Eternity in Our Hearts

April 20
Guard Your Steps

April 21
On Making and Keeping Vows

April 22
A Little Foolishness

April 23
Heart Issues and Calm Reactions

April 24
Cast Your Bread on the Waters

April 25
Be Happy, O Chosen One!

April 26
Held Accountable

April 27
Remember Your Creator

April 28
The Shepherd’s Goad

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