Daily Devotional


January 30
Jealously Zealous

January 31
Naaman says “Amen” to the Grace of God

February 1
A Baptism of Repentance

February 2
Evidence of a Changed Life

February 3
Go and Sin No More

February 4
Will You Now Join Right Hands?

February 5
Do You Cry Easily?

February 6
A Good Testimony

February 7
Hedged In

February 8
Worshipping While Being Tested

February 9
Blessed be the Name of the Lord

February 10
When Your Health Is Taken from You

February 11
When Your Loved One Becomes Bitter

February 12
Accepting the Good and the Bad

February 13
Unhelpful Friends

February 14
On Saying Things We Shouldn’t

February 15
What is Man?

February 16
Engraved in Stone

February 17
I Shall See God!

February 18
The Wisdom to Break the Deadlock

February 19
Where Is Wisdom?

February 20
The Fear of the Lord, That Is Wisdom!

February 21
Reconciliation through Mediation

February 22
Mediating Angel

February 23
The All-encompassing Work of the Mediator

February 24
Sin, Salvation, Service

February 25
The Miracle of God’s Answer

February 26
Three Questions

February 27
Rethinking Our Thinking

February 28
Confessing Wrongdoing

March 1
Receiving a Double Portion

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