Daily Devotional


April 26
Held Accountable

April 27
Remember Your Creator

April 28
The Shepherd’s Goad

April 29
We Need to Talk!

April 30
Come now!

May 1
Proper Listening

May 2
When Christmas Testifies Against You

May 3
Does God Really Care?

May 4
Renewed Strength

May 5
The God of History

May 6
A World Hearing

May 7
Fear Factor

May 8
Writing on Your Hand

May 9
Who Is Like the Lord?

May 10
The Folly of Idolatry

May 11
Carried Along

May 12
Inscribed on the Palms of God’s Hands

May 13

May 14
Motivation for Getting out of Bed!

May 15
The End!

May 16
Passing the Buck

May 17
Reformation and the Status Quo

May 18
Knowing God

May 19
Sowing the Wind

May 20
Tell the Children!

May 21

May 22
The Apple of God’s Eye

May 23
The Beatitudes are to Shape our Attitudes

May 24
Praying Properly

May 25
Investing in the Right Funds

May 26
Proper Investing

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