Historian of the OPC

The Historian of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church, elected to office by the General Assembly, oversees the denomination's efforts to preserve her history through the collection and organization of historical documents and records. He is responsible for the organization of the denomination's archives, the production of materials that promote a greater understanding of Orthodox Presbyterian history, and the organization of conferences to observe the denomination's anniversaries. The Committee for the Historian, also elected by the General Assembly, provides assistance and oversight to the Historian in carrying out his responsibilities.

Today in Church History

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Historian Interviews

The Committee for the Historian is pleased to announce the appearance on OPC.ORG of portions from transcribed interviews with Orthodox Presbyterians from the Orthodox Presbyterian Church archives. Historians Charles Dennison and John Muether conducted the interviews, which span over a twenty-five year period. It is the Committee for the Historian's intention that the interviews not only educate concerning the history and life of the OPC, but also provide a glimpse regarding the wonderful Christ-centered servants that the Lord has blessed the OPC with since its earliest days. Please click on the following links to access the growing list of published interviews.

Publications of the OPC Historian

The historian of the OPC publishes a number of books which keep alive the story of the OPC. Please visit the OPC Publications Store to view and order these materials. Please contact us at bookorders@opc.org for more information.

Historical Articles


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