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February 24

Presbytery of New Jersey

On February 24, 1962, the Presbytery of New Jersey held its stated meeting at Immanuel Orthodox Presbyterian Church, West Collingswood, N. J. The meeting began with a devotional service led by the Rev. Everett C. DeVelde, whose pastorate at Covenant Church, Vineland, recently passed the 20 year mark, longest in the history of the Presbytery.

The Committee on Candidates and Credentials reported that candidate Rollin P. Keller had completed trials for licensure. Mr. Keller was therefore licensed to preach the gospel. He is performing pastoral functions at Good Shepherd Chapel, Neptune, under supervision of the session of Grace Church, Westfield. Mr. Cornelius Tolsma, a member of Community Church, Garfield, was examined and taken under care of Presbytery as a candidate for the ministry.

The remainder of the meeting was devoted chiefly to three questions: (1) the participation of ruling elders in the laying on of hands in ordination, (2) a proposed answer to an inquiry concerning Presbytery's position on the Masonic lodge, and (3) the proper policy in issuing certificates of dismission to members who leave the denomination.

Picture: Presbytery of New Jersey, December 6, 1960.

First row: Rev. R. Commeret, Elder F.C. Graf, Rev. W. H. Bordeaux, Rev. E. DeVelde, Rev. M. Kline (moderator), Elder R. Barker (clerk), Rev. J. Meeter (CRC), Elder J. Pedersen, Rev. L. Dunn, Rev. J. Davies.

Second row: Elder G. Hoogerhyde, Rev. W. L. Bensen, Elder J. Denton, Rev. T. Champness, Rev. E. Clowney, Rev. C. Busch, Rev. R. Clough, Rev. L. Chanoux, Elder H. Keenan, Rev. A. Spooner, Elder S. Parker (photographer)

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