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January 13

Judy Griffin

Happy 98th birthday to Juliet Ward Griffin! Judy was born during a snow storm in Schenectady, New York. As a coed at Wilson College in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, Judy had to recite the entire Westminster Shorter Catechism. During World War II, Judy became active in the Orthodox Presbyterian Church in New Jersey while excelling at work with New Jersey Bell Telephone. As president of the Machen League of New Jersey, she wrote the weekly newsletter, The Machen Leaguer. Interested in theology, she corresponded with Cornelius Van Til, an OPC minister and professor at Westminster Seminary.

While working at the phone company, Judy trained WW II vet Fred Griffin, Jr. In 1950 they married, and four years later moved with their two young children, Nancy and Glenn, to Westfield, New Jersey. They joined Grace OPC, then pastored by Leslie Dunn. Judy became the superintendent of Sunday school at Grace Church in 1956, and later was in charge of the registration of the 35th General Assembly that the church hosted in 1968.

For over twenty years at Grace Church, Judy led the Vacation Bible School. She wrote original VBS materials, transforming the church into a castle, ship, or an airplane. Future OPC ministers Douglas Felch, Steven Miller, and David Crum all participated in the VBSs that she organized.

Judy also helped organize the Women's fellowship ministry, "Meet Us at the Coffee Pot." The ladies of Grace Church invited their friends to share refreshments and hear gospel presentations. For over thirty years, Judy also hosted neighborhood Bible studies, which she continued while they wintered in Florida. Judy's birthday today will be a celebration for many, including her two children, Nancy and Glenn, and her grandsons, Forrest and Travis,

Picture: Judy and Fred Griffin

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