Trinity Hymnal

Spirit, strength of all the weak — Gower's Litany

Original Trinity Hymnal, #244

Spirit, strength of all the weak,
Giving courage to the meek,
Teaching faltering tongues to speak;
Hear us, Holy Spirit.

Spirit, aiding all who yearn
More of truth divine to learn,
And with deeper love to burn;
Hear us, Holy Spirit.

Spirit, Fount of faith and joy,
Giving peace without alloy,
Hope that nothing can destroy;
Hear us, Holy Spirit.

Source of love and light Divine,
With that hallowing grace of thine,
More and more upon us shine;
Hear us, Holy Spirit.

Holy, loving, as thou art,
Come and live within our heart,
Never from us to depart;
Hear us, Holy Spirit.

May we soon, from sin set free,
Where thy work may perfect be,
Jesus' face with rapture see:
Hear us, Holy Spirit.

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