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February 21 Today in OPC History

Providence OPC, Denver


On this day in 1987, Providence Orthodox Presbyterian Church in Denver, Colorado, was formed. This was a motley crew: more than one fourth were children, nearly one-half were reformed Baptists, and only the pastor’s children and one lady had been raised in the OPC. An unlikely group, perhaps, but it was evident that this church would be “seeker sensitive” in the best sense. In the years that have followed, Providence Church has been home to all types of people seeking God's truth.

Providence Church has always been blessed with a large officer pool and group of teachers. The Rev. Dr. Leonard Coppes was installed as the first pastor. During his time of service, his son Keil and friend Shawn Mathis become deacons and then elders. Providence Church is blessed to have Shawn, one of their own, become their pastor through Dr. Coppes' mentoring.

Pastor Mathis and the saints at Providence Church continue to give thanks and praise to the living and almighty God that He continues to make Providence Church a home to all types of seekers to His truth.

Picture: Leonard and Diana Coppes



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