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Short-term mission opportunities in Québec

1. EVANGELISM: English café. The Église réformée St-Marc (St. Mark Reformed Church) in Québec City would be glad to welcome a group to do evangelism in the parks or malls near our church by hosting a "Café anglais" (English café).

Only three per cent of the population of Québec City are anglophones (people whose mother tongue is English), and many of them are senior citizens. Many francophones (people whose mother tongue is French) like to practice the bit of English they know with real Anglophones.

Participation in this mission project involves setting up 1-3 tables for the English Café in a local coffee shop. Through newspaper ads, posters or verbal invites, you will invite passers-by to stop, buy a coffee, and sit down and begin chatting in English about most any topic. As opportunities arise, you can share openly about the Reformed church and the Gospel.

The bonus to this mission project is that Québec City is a great tourist destination. The summers are beautiful, mild and sunny. The winters are excellent for skiing and snowboarding. In addition to the evangelism, you can fill the week with many sight-seeing and educational activities. You may wish to combine this short term mission project with a personal vacation (follow link for a few ideas).

For more details and requirements for the Québec English Café project, as well as an application form, please continue.

2. EVANGELISM/OUTREACH: English Bible Camp. St-Marc's would also like to reach out to the community of Ste-Foy (Québec City) through an English-speaking summer Bible Camp. The English Bible Camp will be open to francophone children only, while all activities (songs, Bible stories, crafts, videos/DVDs and games) will be conducted in English. We will send home with the children a French translation of the Bible lesson to ensure that the families understand the message being taught.

St-Marc's is looking for English-speaking volunteers from sister Reformed and Presbyterian churches in North America to work with a bilingual coordinator from St-Marc's to conduct the Bible school. The group should include a sufficient number of adults to supervise and direct the English Bible Camp, and enough youth to help energize and work with the children. All participants involved must demonstrate a credible faith and Christian life, and have a sincere desire to make Christ known through the project. All participants are required to fill out the OPC application form.

Québec City is a great tourist destination, and if groups are interested in taking time before or after the week of English Bible Camp to visit downtown Québec City, visits can be arranged. For more ideas, visit www.quebecregion.com.

For more information about the English Bible Camp, please continue.

Interested individuals/groups may contact:

Trina Jelsma, coordinator


+1 215 830 0900

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