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Also available is the entire collection of The Presbyterian Guardian as one PDF Archive (about 990 MB). Right-click on the link and select "Save Link As..."

Please note that this is a very large file and it will take a long time to download based on the speed of your internet connection. It is not recommended that you even attempt to download this file without a high speed internet connection (more than 5Mbps) , as it would take approximately 40 hours to download using a typical dial-up connection. Even with a 1Mbps connection, it will still take about 2 hours to download.


The Presbyterian Guardian (1935-1979) was an important voice in the early years of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church in its vigorous opposition to modernism and its proclamation and defense of Reformed orthodoxy. Established on the eve of the founding of the denomination, it was closely associated with the OPC, although it remained an independent magazine.

Editors of the Guardian during its remarkable 44-year publishing history included H. McAllister Griffiths, J. Gresham Machen, Ned B. Stonehouse, Charles J. Woodbridge, Paul Woolley, Leslie W. Sloat, Robert E. Nicholas, John J. Mitchell, and J. Cameron Fraser.

A free, downloadable PDF version of A Cumulative Index to the Presbyterian Guardian, 1935-1979, (offsite link) compiled by James T. Dennison, Jr., has been made available at the website of Kerux (offsite link).

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Volume 11 Number 17 - September 25, 1942

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