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Planting an Orthodox Presbyterian Church

Second Edition—Table of Contents with Links to Individual Sections in PDF. For entire document, click here.



Chapter 1—Understanding the Work of Church Planting

Chapter 2—Beginning a Mission Work

Chapter 3—Overseeing a Mission Work

Chapter 4—Doing the Work of an Organizing Pastor

Chapter 5—Developing a Mission Work into an Organized Congregation

Chapter 6—Organizing a Mission Work as a New Congregation

Chapter 7—Leading the Particular Church into Its Future

Glossary of Terms


Appendix 1—How to Receive a Mission Work into a Presbytery

Appendix 2—How to Call an Evangelist to Labor in a Mission Work

Appendix 3—How to Supervise the Progress of a Mission Work toward Its Development as a New and Separate Congregation

Appendix 4—How to Organize a Mission Work into a New and Separate Congregation

Appendix 5—How a Presbytery and the Committee on Home Missions and Church Extension Work Together to Start New Churches

Appendix 6—Sample Documents

Appendix 7—Enabling Motions

Appendix 8—A Procedure for Receiving an Organized Congregation into a Presbytery


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