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John Muether

"On Thursday, June 11, 1936, the hopes of many long years were realized. We became members, at last, of a true Presbyterian Church; we recovered, at last, the blessing of true Christian fellowship. What a joyous moment it was! How the long years of struggle seemed to sink into nothingness compared with the peace and joy that filled our hearts!"

With those words, J. Gresham Machen announced, in the pages of the Presbyterian Guardian, the formation of what would become known as the Orthodox Presbyterian Church. As thirty-three ministers and seventeen elders joined him on that day, he exclaimed, "with what lively hope does our gaze now turn to the future!"

On June 11, 2011, it our privilege to commemorate 75 years of God’s faithfulness to the Orthodox Presbyterian Church, during the 78th General Assembly, meeting at the Sandy Cove Conference Center in Maryland. Join us for a weekend of celebration that includes a banquet, public worship on the Lord’s Day, and other activities for the entire family. Registration information for OPC75 can be found here.

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