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Whether your interests or concerns are for the home front or abroad, will be the place to go to learn more about plugging into and praying for short-term mission opportunities and diaster response needs that arise within the work of the OPC. When the question arises, "David, what OPC short-term opportunities can I participate in next summer?", I can now answer, "Thank you for your interest. Go to"

"Will teams be going to respond to the needs presented by XYZ disaster?" Good question. Go to!

"David, can you send me info for traveling to Uganda?" Absolutely! Go to!

"Our church sure could use the help of a construction team." Great! Go to!

And so it goes! I encourage you, too, to "Go to" for a peek!

Please pray that might be a tool used of the Lord to enable further participation in short-term missions and disaster response efforts, for the furthering of the work of the church and for the growth in grace of those who participate in these forms of Christian service, all to the glory of our Savior, Jesus Christ, for whom and in whose Name we labor!

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