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James W. Scott

New Horizons magazine and Ordained Servant Online are now being made available in PDF, ePub, and mobi editions to be downloaded at no cost onto your laptop or desktop computer, iPad, Kindle, Nook, Sony Reader, smart phone, or other device. For New Horizons, these editions may be accessed directly from the New Horizons box on the OPC.org homepage or from the New Horizons page (where articles are also available in a text format and where past issues are archived). It should be available at the beginning of the month of publication. For Ordained Servant Online, these editions may be accessed directly from the Ordained Servant Online box.

Because the high cost of full-color printing does not impact Internet publication, the online editions of New Horizons are in full color (though your device may not be able to read color). However, the resolution of photos is reduced, as is appropriate for the devices commonly used today.

The content of the online editions is the same as that of the print edition. The layout of the PDF edition is identical to that of the print edition, with full-color enhancement. The ePub and mobi editions, however, present the content in linear fashion, as required by those formats. It should also be noted that sensitive material in the print edition that should not be disseminated on the Internet has been modified or removed.

Because these formats are not device specific (even Amazon’s mobi format reads differently on different Kindles), certain features (such as drop caps or color) will not appear properly on devices or in e-readers with lesser capabilities than others. The ePub and mobi editions of New Horizons are compromises, designed to be serviceable on the less capable devices, yet taking advantage of capabilities of the better devices.

James W. Scott is the managing editor of New Horizons and the publications coordinator of the Committee on Christian Education.


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