OPC Summer Institute 2012

John Muether

The Shiloh Retreat in Jefferson, New Hampshire, will be the site of the 2012 Orthodox Presbyterian Summer Institute, June 19-21, 2012. Similar to the successful Timothy Conference (though with an older age-group in view), the Summer Institute offers a glimpse of ministry in the OPC through an intensive time of study, reflection, and conversation. The Summer Institute is part of a broader strategy to reconnect the church with the ministerial training of its ministers. The Subcommittee on Christian Education of the Committee on Christian Education seeks to inculcate ministerial candidates with the culture of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church through a variety of initiatives, such as the Ministerial Training Institute of the OPC and denominationally-subsidized internships.

This June eight to ten ministerial candidates will gather in a quiet and charming New Hampshire retreat center in the heart of the White Mountains that is conducive to thoughtful discussion. A list of reading will be distributed in order to assist participants in preparation for the seminar. Lectures and informal conversation will give time for presentation and reflection on the material presented. The institute will discuss such topics as:

  • The OPC: continuity with Reformed tradition and distinguishing characteristics.
  • The centrality, nature, and benefits of being a confessional church.
  • The importance of the means of grace in the church's mission.
  • The meaning of a culturally-aware pilgrim church.
  • The work of a minister of the Word in an organized church and a mission work.

The instructors for the program include Dr. Darryl Hart and Mr. John Muether, ruling elders in the OPC, the Rev. Stephen J. Tracey, minister of Lakeview OPC in Rockport, Maine, and the Rev. Gregory Reynolds, editor of Ordained Servant, minister of Amoskeag OPC in Manchester, New Hampshire, and Director of the Institute.

Room and board expenses will be provided for students attending, as well as a stipend to subsidize travel expenses. Young men in their senior year of college or in the first two years of seminary are eligible to attend. Applications (including an essay explaining one's ministerial aspirations) must be submitted by April 16, 2012.

Application forms and brochures can be obtained from the Institute's webpage or by writing John Muether at muether.1@opc.org.

Reflections from students at previous Summer Institutes:

"I thoroughly enjoyed the Summer Institute. The lectures and discussion helped to orient me to issues on which I now know to focus in my continued seminary studies. It was also wonderful to connect and fellowship with other seminarians who are aiming toward ministry in the OPC."

"Thanks for a great experience! I found this very helpful for continuing to confirm my sense of call to ministry in the OPC."

"A clear and concise introduction to what OPC ministry is."

"I will be pushing it next year on all my friends so they might learn about benefits of the OPC."

"The sessions were well planned and the topics were relevant.… The experience was a fantastic time of focus and fellowship."


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