OPC.org Mobile Goes Live!

Stephen Pribble

When the website staff first began to talk about adding mobile functionality to OPC.org, one elder wasn’t too enthused—not really a need, as far as he was concerned.

But recently his pastor related how this elder came up to him before a service and said, “Have you seen the new OPC website for my smart phone? Man, that is awesome!” He wanted to whip out his phone right then and there and show it off!

Upwards of 40% of mobile phones now are “smart” phones—that is, phones with capability to surf the Internet. The Internet is also accessible on plenty of other devices, such as portable music players, eBook readers and tablets. The number of people who surf the net on a mobile device grows daily.

Most websites were designed to display their content on large screens. Access them on a small screen and the miniscule type can cause eyestrain. Hypertext links that are easily selected with a cursor may not be so easy to pick out in a crowd, particularly with a man-sized fingertip.

With this in mind, the website staff began last year to plan to make OPC.org small-screen friendly. This is now in place.

How to get there from your mobile device? Open your web browser (such as Safari or Opera), type “opc.org” in the address field and tap “Go.” OPC.org will recognize that you are accessing it from a mobile device and take you to the mobile-optimized page. All the content is available right at your fingertip.

Most readers will find that they can easily read copy without scrolling side-to-side—blessed relief for those who read in bed! Turn your device sideways and the page is magnified.

If, for some reason, your mobile device is not recognized, you can tap “Mobile View” at the bottom right of the main page. If you happen to try this on your desktop, no problem: just go to “More,” scroll to the bottom and click “Desktop View.”

Let us know how you like OPC.org mobile!


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