Summer Missionary Internship Opportunity in Ukraine

Heero Hacquebord

Published February 26, 2016.

Are you desiring an intense cross-cultural missions internship that will personally mentor you through your calling, identity in Christ, and role in God’s world mission? Would you like to gain hands-on experience with mercy ministry, university student ministry, and children’s ministry, in a safe church planting community?

Then the Leopolis Green Internship, offered by our L’viv Church Planting Team in beautiful L’viv, Ukraine, may be right for you!

Leo-polis means “Lion City” and is the medieval Latin name for L’viv. Green stands for “The Greenhouse.”

This two-month summer internship program is a “greenhouse” for new missionaries to be mentored and trained in a personal church planting community.

The internship is designed for seminary students, upper class college students, and young families from American PCA churches, other reformed churches (such as the OPC), or the Reformed University Fellowship (RUF).

Many young people feel they may be called to cross-cultural missions, but need a place to test their gifts and gain some valuable training and experience with personal oversight.

Others know they are in need of more experience before launching into a longer-term commitment in cross-cultural missions abroad or at home.

This program provides a safe community where interns are mentored, trained, and taught about the workings of cross-cultural missions, with the goal in mind that this will affect their understanding, not only of missions and of themselves, but also of their place in the kingdom of God.

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Brochure: Download a PDF Brochure


Doug Shepherd, Director, Leopolis Green

Rev. Heero Hacquebord, OP Missionary to Ukraine

PHOTO: L'viv, Ukraine

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