New Booklet on the Inspiration of Scripture

The Inspiration of Scripture is a newly published, deeply biblical study of what the Bible says about Scripture. This easy-to-read booklet gives straightforward biblical answers to such questions as: What is Scripture? How is it "the Word of God"? How did it come to be inspired? Can we still believe it today?

Dr. James W. Scott, managing editor of New Horizons magazine, wrote this 24-page booklet. It walks the reader step-by-step through the formation and implications of the God-inspired Word, citing 146 different Bible passages from 35 books of the Bible. He shows us what Scripture is and explains how God directly inspired—"breathed out"—the words of Scripture as the writings of chosen men. Scott describes what the implications of an inspired Scripture are for us today. He also shows how "problem passages" test and deepen our faith in the true God.

The Inspiration of Scripture should be beneficial for personal edification as well as useful for Sunday school classes and Bible studies. It is a good booklet to give to those whose confidence in the divine authorship and authority of Scripture is being challenged by modern critical scholarship.

Published by the Committee on Christian Education, the booklet is available for $1.00 per copy (or $0.75 for ten or more copies). It is available for immediate ordering in the OPC store. Shipping is $4.00 per order or free for orders of more than $35.00. For more information, call 215-935-1023.


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