Thank Offering Video #4: Home Missions

In Thank Offering Video #4, five OP church planters express their gratitude for the generosity of the people of God whose contributions to the annual Thank Offering help make it possible for them to bring the message of the abounding hope of Jesus Christ to communities across America.

We're With You - We're For You - We're Behind You

"The fact that the OPC has a church planting structure, where there is a layer of support from the denomination, enables the presbyteries to take on mission works with confidence that they’ll be able to support the mission works until they are able to be financially stable." Church Planter Rev. Jonathan Moersch

"We know every month that there will be that support that comes from our denomination, from headquarters, that says we’re with you, we’re for you, we’re behind you. That money is absolutely crucial to what we are doing as a church plant." Church Planter Rev. Chris Hartshorn

Thank Offering 2016 Videos

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We hope you enjoy this video and will use it to encourage your congregation to help support our church plants by giving to the Thank Offering:

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Click on the word "Vimeo" in the screen below to go to Vimeo.org where you can view all of this year's Thank Offering videos:

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