Thank Offering Video: Worldwide Outreach

"It is our privilege to be messengers of hope ..."

All five of this year's Thank Offering videos have now been released. We hope they have been useful to you in promoting the Thank Offering in your local congregation! In the video entitled "Worldwide Outreach," church planters, foreign missionaries, and a year-long intern described how gifts to the annual Thank Offering help them in their work year-round.

Thank Offering 2016 Videos

  • Video #1: How to Promote the Thank Offering
  • Video #2: Worldwide Outreach
  • Video #3: Christian Education
  • Video #4: Home Missions and Church Extension
  • Video #5: Foreign Missions

View All Five Videos

Click here to view all of this year's Thank Offering videos at Vimeo.com.

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Worldwide Outreach Video from OPC Thank Offering on Vimeo.


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