Venture Missions: A Place That Needs the Gospel

Venture Missions is the annual summer outreach of Menominee OPC (Zoar, WI) to the children on the nearby Menominee Indian Reservation. Team Leaders Rev. Micah Shin and Rose Kelly have been especially faithful in providing photos and testimonials for the OPC short-term missions website at OPCSTM.org. They sent in the following testimonials from 5 members of the 2017 team. Photo Gallery linked, below.

Andy Mittlestaedt, 18 yo (Bethel OPC, Wheaton, IL):

“Venture Missions” has been a very meaningful experience for me over the past five years. It is a growing experience for high school and college students who want to grow closer to Christ and gain experience spreading the gospel. The beautiful Menominee Indian Reservation is full of friendly people, but it is a place that needs the gospel. This ongoing ministry allows Menominee OPC and the “Venture Missions” team members to build a relationship with the Menominee people which I pray God will use to grow his kingdom.

Caleb Roper, 17 yo (Hope OPC, Grayslake, IL):

Man’s chief end is to glorify God and enjoy him forever. The “Venture Missions” outreach was an excellent means to share the light of Christ with some of the children on the Menominee Indian Reservation. This was my first year as a member of the “Venture Missions” team and it was truly an amazing experience. We enjoyed God through fellowship, worship, prayer, and laughter. Proverbs 27:17 says, “Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another.” Being surrounded by other like-minded Christians makes it easy to focus on Christ. I had a wonderful opportunity to be part of a group of people that love the Lord and love to share Christ’s love. I loved being able to talk about Jesus to some kids that have no idea who Jesus is or what he did for us. I am sure Christ will use our outreach work in ways that we could never imagine. Praise be to God!

Chris Robison, 22 yo (New Covenant OPC, Joliet, IL):

This year at “Venture Missions” was my fifth, and certainly the most difficult. We went to a nearby park and performed skits, taught lessons, gave countless piggyback rides, and engaged the local children personally as we have always done in our ministry, but this year our team also joined Menominee OPC in hosting their VBS, so our daily work did not end when we left the park; we were only taking a short break before the same children appeared at the church three hours later and the exhausting fun (which most of us, admittedly, would call work) resumed! Our team size was significantly smaller than in past years, but it seemed that this, along with the heavier workload, granted our team stronger unity. In addition to working beside the members of Menominee OPC, a couple from the congregation treated us to a few sessions in which we learned some of the history and language of the Menominee people, a new feature of our week that I believe drew our hearts closer to the people to whom we were ministering. On a personal level, engaging in gospel ministry this week encouraged a growth of faith that the Lord has been working in me, by which the truth revealed in scripture has become less an abstract or distantly-applicable set of beliefs and more a present, tangible, and glorious reality.

Zoe Meadows, 17 yo (Bethel OPC, Wheaton, IL):

This was my third year participating in “Venture Missions.” Each year is a different experience, but it is always a blessing. This year I especially enjoyed connecting to members of Menominee OPC as we worked together during the church’s VBS and as they taught us more about the Menominee tribe and language. It was a good reminder that the Gospel is a gift for everyone and that we are all united through Christ.

Una Vander Waal, 15 yo (Grace OPC, Sheboygan, WI):

“Venture Missions” was a great opportunity to serve God. I loved hanging out with the Zoar/Neopit neighborhood kids in the park, and it was exciting to watch them learning more about Jesus as the week progressed. The kids were all so sweet, and it was neat making strong friendships with them. They seemed to really enjoy having someone to listen to them and to just spend time with. It was so cool to learn about the Menominee culture and a few words of their language from members of the congregation. It helped a lot to know a bit of their history. I also really enjoyed the devotions and prayer we had with Pastor Oliver every morning before we started our day. All in all it was an amazing trip, and I can’t wait to return next year!

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