Thank Offering Video #3: Foreign Missions

The theme for Thank Offering 2017 is "Delighting in the Lord."

In this week's promotional video, General Secretary Mark Bube and Associate General Secretary Douglas Clawson of the Committee on Foreign Missions bring us up to date on how God is blessing the labors of our foreign missionaries in the Orthodox Presbyterian Church.

Mark Bube, General Secretary:

"When the light first goes on that Christ is the answer, that is an amazing thing to see in the hearts of people...Christ's people are hearing their master's voice in the voice

of his servant."

Douglas Clawson, Associate General Secretary:

"To think that by February of 2018, within the space of less than six months, we will have put four missionary families on the field - that is just very exciting! And it is all and entirely the work of the Lord."

Share It!

We hope you will enjoy this promotional video and use it to encourage your congregation to delight in the Lord by giving to the work of his church through the Thank Offering:

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Stay Tuned!

One more video on Worldwide Outreach will be provided next week, for a total of four new Thank Offering videos for you to share with your congregation this year! They can all be found at the OPC Thank Offering page at Vimeo.com

Thank Offering 2017 Foreign Missions from OPC Thank Offering on Vimeo.


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