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Mark Winder

With just over 300 congregations spread across the 9 million square miles of North America, some single folks in Orthodox Presbyterian Churches may feel like opportunities for interaction are few and far between.

Introducing the Singles of NAPARC Facebook group . More than a virtual hangout, Singles of NAPARC facilitates meaningful and personal interaction. It is is moderated not by one individual, but by a group of young singles with a desire is to promote creativity and facilitate in person “meet-ups.”

A January meet up in Atlanta saw about 15 singles gather for the weekend, many of them hosted by OP Pastor Boyd Miller and other members of Covenant OPC in LaGrange. Over 20 singles gathered for a February Memphis meetup, touring the town and enjoying BBQ outings at OP Pastor Mark Winder’s home, along with others at Wolf River OPC in Collierville. Other in-person meet ups are scheduled for Oklahoma, Toronto, North Carolina, and another in Atlanta.

Singles of NAPARC features group chats with various topics, where singles can converse and opine. Some recent topics discussed are movies, woodworking, books, travel, and theology. Members are free to join any group chats they wish, or start their own.

Creativity is encouraged. Members have posted dozens of live, interactive videos, and hold group video chats. Members post prayer requests, share stories, ask questions, create interactive polls, and more. A recent Talent Tuesday had over 1300 interactions, with members posting videos, pieces of literature they had written, musical talents, art, food creations, and much more.

While it is not specifically a dating site, Singles of NAPARC is a place of endless laughter and a fun environment where Reformed singles can meet, interact, and find friendship with folks whom they otherwise never would have met. The rules are short and simple, designed to maximize freedom and interaction within the bounds of Reformed orthodoxy.

Initially started by an OPC pastor to help the more than 20 single folks in the congregation, the group has grown to 161 members from seven NAPARC denominations (as of 5 February) and averages 10 new members a week.

To request to join, go to the Singles of NAPARC page or search Facebook for “Singles of NAPARC,” and answer three simple questions:

  1. Are you a communicant member of a NAPARC church?
  2. Are you single? (married NAPARC office bearers may join to view content)
  3. Do you have an agenda to push—other than glorifying God and enjoying him?


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