Introducing the Grace Internship Fund

David Winslow

The Orthodox Presbyterian Church has been blessed with several very well-known servants of the Lord named Grace. You can find them in the pages of Choosing the Good Portion: Women of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church. It is indeed a beautiful name that speaks to the hearts of all God’s people who benefit from such undeserved blessings flowing to them in Christ.

The Committee on Christian Education (CCE) recently established the Grace Internship Fund, choosing that name to anonymously honor the memory of another girl named Grace. A less well-known sister, wife, and mother in the Lord who served alongside her husband’s gospel ministry for many years until she entered her rest in Christ.

The Grace Internship Fund’s specific purpose is to be a financial blessing to smaller OP congregations that need help funding the pastoral internships that are vital to the ongoing life and development of our Church. Our general secretary, Danny Olinger, field tested the concept during the past two years and found that there were indeed churches that could certainly use the extra help that the Grace Internship Fund is intended to provide. The fund will be administered by the CCE’s Subcommittee on Ministerial Training and managed professionally by the same advisors that serve the OPC’s ministerial pension fund.

The Fund has a long-term perspective. This means that only market gains and income, as well as up to 10% of the principal (depending on the needs) may be used in any given year to assist with internships. The CCE welcomes additional gifts from churches and readers of New Horizons to the Grace Internship Fund.

Two Opportunities:

  • As a Recipient Church: As a church you may apply for a Grace Internship Fund grant at the time of applying for an internship (see Church Application for an Intern). There are just a few simple questions to answer on the second page of the application.
  • As a Donor: Individuals and churches are welcome to make donations to the Grace Internship Fund. It is important that donors understand that the terms of the Fund only allow the Committee to use annual income and market gains, and up to 10% of the Fund principal in any given year. Thus, the Grace Internship Fund is designed to serve the OPC for many years to come and may only be used for internship funding. The Fund is professionally managed by the same financial advisors who manage the OPC’s ministerial pension fund.

Cash gifts may be sent to the Committee on Christian Education at the offices in Willow Grove designated for the Fund. Gifts of stock can also be received after first contacting the CCE general secretary (danny.olinger@opc.org) for transfer instructions.


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