Readiness for Ministry in the Orthodox Presbyterian Church

The Committee on Home Missions and Church Extension and the Committee on Christian Education of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church sponsor a series of "Readiness for Ministry in the Orthodox Presbyterian Church" seminars each year.

This training and evaluation seminar is an enrichment opportunity for seminary students. A number of presentations are made on Reformed ministry and on the Orthodox Presbyterian Church. The seminar also proves to be helpful to seminary graduates from outside the OPC who are pursuing ministry in the OPC.

Exciting new developments and growth in OPC home missions continue. This provides many opportunities for ministry in the OPC. The OPC is also facing a growing number of pastors retiring. The Committee is investing a major portion of its home mission and church expansion efforts toward people who want to hear of ministry opportunities in our denomination, including opportunities for summer and yearlong internships.

Each seminar participant gives a three-minute introduction of himself before the group. Also, he preaches a ten-minute exhortation before half the group. The exhortation is to be an exposition of a text of Scripture with appropriate application. Participation in several group exercises entitled, "Problem Solving in Reformed Ministry," is also part of the seminar.

The program includes a personal feedback interview with one of the observers. The observations of the elders concerning your gifts and your church leadership potential will be discussed with you. All the observers are ministers or ruling elders of the OPC.

2008 Readiness for Ministry in the OPC Seminars are scheduled for:

February 8–9 - Westminster Theological Seminary, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
February 22–23 - Westminster Seminary California, Escondido, California
March 7–8 - Mid-America Reformed Seminary, Dyer, Indiana

If you wish to come and explore the challenge of reformed ministry and the opportunities for service and internship in the Orthodox Presbyterian Church, contact Dick Gerber at gerber.1@opc.org. You do not have to be a member of the OPC to be a participant in this day and a half training program. You do need a desire to better evaluate your gifts and strengths in general and your giftedness and readiness for church leadership in particular.

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