Welcome to the OPC

Welcome to the OPC is a 27-page booklet issued by the OPC's Committee on Christian Education that serves as a great synopsis for what the Orthodox Presbyterian Church is, how it came to be and what the core beliefs of the church are. It depicts the identity and belief in the inerrancy of Scripture that led to the OPC breaking from the PCUSA in 1936, gives resources to the OPC's specific doctrinal books such as The Confession of Faith and Catechisms and Book of Church Order and gives examples to specific ways the OPC is spreading the message of Jesus Christ in the present day, and ends with a final appendix giving a step-by-step process for how join the church as a communicant member. 

Visit the OPC bookstore to purchase your copy of Welcome to the OPC. It costs $1.00 for a copy and only $0.75 per copy when you order 10 or more. It is also available for free download as a PDF.


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