Summer Reading: Choosing the Good Portion

Edited by Patricia Clawson and Diane Olinger, Choosing the Good Portion uses 52 short stories to trek through four periods of OPC chronology, highlighting what God was doing in the church in each of these times, as he employed the gifts and talents of  the women of the church. Whether by making sacrifices through the lean times following the OPC's birth in 1936, continuing to build the now established church in the 1950s and '60s, or living for him through the trials and blessings of recent decades, these women chose the good portion. 

This book isn't just a compilation of the stories surrounding 93 women in the Orthodox Presbyterian Church. It isn't just a book focused on all their incredible successes and achievements either. This book weaves together the history of the OPC and its struggle to survive through tribulations connected by the stories of these 93 women and the struggles they endured to help the church itself through the fight. 

The examples of these amazing women stretch from Charlotte Kuschke teaching hundreds of students throughout her years serving in Christian schools and the church, to Dora Duff's work as a missionary in Ethiopia in the midst of World War II, to Mabel Danzeisen who worked tirelessly through a number of day jobs to financially support her family as her husband worked in the church, to Grace Hard mastering several languages in order to share the Good News in whatever way possible, to Grace Mullen's tireless work documenting the history of the OPC (and also serving as the original inspiration for this book). 

The book is titled Choosing the Good Portion in reference to  Jesus's words to Martha in the gospel of Luke about Mary's choice to first receive his Word, as he tells her, "To give to Christ you must first receive from him."

This book was written to show how all these women of the OPC exemplified that message from Jesus Christ our Lord, and so that more women from the church may learn from that and receive the good portion from Christ as well. 

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