New Gospel Tracts Available!

Judith Dinsmore

A new set of gospel tracts is available for order online: What Is Truth?, What's Your Story?, and Your Only Com­fort. These tracts are published jointly by the OPC's Committee on Home Missions and Church Extension and the Committee on Christian Education. The first tract, What Is Truth?, should look familiar­—it was displayed at last year's general assembly in Sioux Center, Iowa, and is now in its sec­ond printing. The other two tracts, What's Your Story? and Your Only Comfort, were printed at the end of 2021. Used together, these three tracts form a tool for churches to share the good news of the gospel. No matter who you are, what you fear, or where you're going, you need the one God and Father of all to save you from the penalty of your sins.

Author Dr. Eric Watkins, pastor of Harvest OPC in San Marcos, California, knows this firsthand. Watkins came to know the Lord when he was twenty-one years old, after following the Grateful Dead across the country. In God's providence, his older sister gave him a Bible at the tail end of his rock music pilgrimage. Today, Watkins proclaims the good news of the Bible from the pulpit of Harvest OPC and with California beachgoers on his visits to the shore.

Everyone you meet needs the gospel, and, at the same time, no one is exactly alike. That's part of why believers are called to exercise wisdom in establishing a point of contact with unbelievers. For this reason, each tract is tailored to share the same gospel message with a different audience. Watkins writes, "If you are lost, [Jesus] is the way. If you are confused, he is the truth. And if you are dead in your sins, Jesus is the life."

This set of tracts also connects readers to the living body of Christ in the church. In Your Only Comfort, Watkins writes, "Per­haps reading this has made you curious. It may have raised questions that are worth discussing. If so, please consider con­tacting, or even better, visiting the church listed on the back page. The people there are imperfect, but they are trusting in their faithful Savior. They would love to meet you and hear your story."

Each tract closes by inviting its reader to visit the local Orthodox Presbyterian church "stickered" on the tract's back page. Stickers, which are included in the cost of the tract, can be personalized with a church’s address, contact information, website, and service times. Please visit the OPC store to place your order for What is Truth?, What's Your Story?, Your Only Comfort, and a bundle of all 3 tracts.


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