The Reformed Deacon Podcast: A Deacon’s Personal Library

Trish Duggan

On the July 1st episode of The Reformed Deacon Shiloh OPC deacon and OPC CDM member, Tim Hopper and Rev. C. N. “Nick” Willborn, pastor of Covenant Presbyterian Church (PCA) in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, talk books—books specifically helpful for deacons to have in their personal libraries. From Bible reading plans to reader's guides to books on prayer to counseling, Nick and Tim cover a wide range of their recommended favorites in their discussion. There are even a few websites and videos they suggest checking out. Nick's wide range of insight and Tim's thirst for reading and knowledge on the subject of deacons makes this episode invaluable! We’ve compiled the list with links included in our show notes, so no need to take out a pen and paper.

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