New Episode of The Reformed Deacon: Provisional Diaconates in Church Plants

In this episode, host David Nakhla talks with John Shaw, OPC Home Missions and Church Extension general secretary; Tyler Detrick, pastor of Light of the Nations OPC in Dayton, OH and former church planter; and Kurt Oliver, elder at Westminster OPC in Westminster, CA, about the need for deacons when starting a new church in the OPC.

Why when we church plant in the OPC are we sure to provide a provisional session, but we don’t talk too much about a provisional diaconate? John, Tyler and Kurt talk about this and the inherent need for deacons to aid the session and pastor as they face mercy ministry needs both inside and outside of a new church plant.

Are there ways to provide provisional deacons when planting churches in the OPC? Listen to the variety of ideas from this panel of guests.

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