New Episode of The Reformed Deacon: The Privilege of Serving the Elderly

Trish Duggan

Have you wondered if it's loving to employ a care facility for your loved one? Or how to know when and how to help manage an elderly loved one's finances? In this episode hosts David Nakhla and Chris Cashen find out more about what our responsibilities are as deacons—and Christians—in caring for the elderly. Rev. Brian De Jong, pastor of Grace Presbyterian Church in Sheboygan, Wisconsin along with his brother, elder at Bethel OPC in Wheaton, IL, Greg De Jong, share insights from Brian's book, Honoring the Elderly: A Christian's Duty to Aging Parents. Greg worked with Brian on the book to share their practical, spiritual and financial experience in order to help those who are caring for the elderly or supporting someone who cares for an elderly loved one. There's some great discussion you won't want to miss.

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