Let Us Do Good to Everyone

Trish Duggan

In this episode, Rev. Chris Cashen, pastor of Trinity Reformed OPC in Lanham, MD talks with Rev. Adrian Crum, Associate Pastor of Youth and Evangelism at Harvest OPC in Wyoming, Michigan. Chris and Adrian discuss in broad brush fashion the scriptural basis and the theological maze of ministering to all, but especially to those outside of the church while taking a deeper look into Adrian's February 2024 New Horizon's article, "Let Us Do Good to Everyone."

A common objection to mercy ministry can be that a person is of an ill temper or ungrateful spirit. Jonathan Edwards responds by reminding us that Christ loved us, was kind to us and was willing to relieve us, though we were very evil and hateful, of an evil disposition not deserving of any good. So we should be willing to be kind to those who are of an ill disposition and are very undeserving. That should be the spirit behind our compassion, that we should again be able to place ourselves in the position of those who are lost, who are needy, and realize God has been gracious and merciful toward us, and we should then extend benevolence with wise, practical and prudential considerations, but we should practice love and care for the lost in that way. You may get bitten, like a shepherd might by his own sheep, but we need reminders of steadfast, steady faithfulness to love people who don't always say thanks.

Referenced in this episode:

Let Us Do Good to Everyone by Rev. Adrian Crum (New Horizons, Feb. 2024)

The Deacon's Handbook: A Manual of Stewardship by Gerard Berghoef and Lester De Koster

The Reformed Deacon—Real World Cases: Walk-Ins

Christian Charity or The Duty of Charity to the Poor, Explained and Enforced by Jonathan Edwards

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