December 09, 2005 News

Trinity Hymnal MIDI files back

The Trinity Hymnal MIDI files are now incorporated into the website redesign. A popular feature, especially among pastors hunting for the perfect closing hymn, congregations desiring to learn new tunes, and accompanists who are weak in sight reading ability, the Trinity Hymnal MIDI files have proven to be a useful addition to the OPC website. They are the brainchild of ruling elder William H. Bacon of Connecticut, who first created them for his own use. Since the website redesign was launched on November 1, 2005, we have received numerous requests to restore this feature. To use, click on "Trinity Hymnal Resources" (the lower-right link on the page), find any hymn, and click on the link "Play MIDI." Tip: if you desire to see the words while listening to the music, hit your browser's "Go back one page" icon (usually a left arrow) while pressing the "Shift" or "Control" button (different browsers work differently).


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