January 20, 2015 News

MTIOPC Classes May Be Cancelled—Immediate Action Needed

The planned MTIOPC courses on Ecclesiology (A. Craig Troxel) and Form of Government (Alan Stange) need more students for those classes to be held. If those two courses are unable to gain men, the course on Reformed Worship (Glen Clary) will also be cancelled. OPC pastors, licentiates, men under care, and elders are eligible to take the courses.

Deadline for registration is January 26, 2015. Classes begin with online reading and writing assignments on February 2, 2015. At the end of the semester, the classes hold a mandatory Intensive Training session where students sit in class to learn from their instructors.

Ecclesiology, Form of Government, and Reformed Worship hold their Intensive Training session on May 12–14 at Bethel Presbyterian Church in Wheaton (near Chicago), Illinois. Men arrive on Monday, May 11 and leave on Thursday, May 14. Since class times overlap, students wishing to take two of these courses must choose Reformed Worship as one of their two classes.

If you are able to register for a course, please email your application, then mail a hard copy of your application with a $50 registration fee immediately. The registration fee is fully refundable upon successful completion of the class. Only OPC elders and qualified non-OP men pay the $50 or $100 tuition fee per course, respectively.

Travel scholarships of up to $350 are available for OPC men under care, licentiates, and pastors to help defray the cost of travel to Intensive Training. An additional $100 for travel expenses is also available if matched by your local session or presbytery.

Applications and course descriptions are available on this website. Click here to go to the page, or email the director.

Yours in Christ,
Danny Olinger
Director of the MTIOPC


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