December 01, 2016 News

2017 Timothy Conference

Dear Pastors and Sessions,

The Committee on Christian Education is sponsoring its annual OPC Timothy Conference on April 5–8, 2017, for a select few Orthodox Presbyterian young men.

If there is a young man in your congregation that you think should be challenged to consider whether our Lord is calling him to the gospel ministry, one whom your session would endorse and nominate to attend the OPC Timothy Conference, please apply no later than January 16, 2017. Applications can be found on OPC.org under Christian Education and then Timothy Conference, and I have attached one for your convenience.

The target age group that we are looking for includes high school and college students, ages 16–21, and the young man you nominate should himself have indicated his willingness to attend this all-expense-paid conference despite the adjustments he may need to make to his current academic schedule. You should include any detail that you think is important to our consideration in the selection process (e.g., age, educational level, service in the local church including camps and mission trips, observed piety, etc.).

We are using electronic media to get this information to you in a timely and cost- effective fashion. We are asking that you print several copies of the attached prospectus for the OPC Timothy Conference in order to post them and hand them directly to the young men in your church that you think should be interested. You can also e-mail them to students away at college.

Your application must be e-mailed to me at olinger.1@opc.org no later than January 16. You will receive immediate confirmation that the nomination has been received. We will notify you of our decision regarding the application no later than January 21, 2017.

The OPC Timothy Conference is hosted by the OPC and taught by experienced OPC ministers for the sake of the future of the OPC. Please pray for its success, both from the pulpit and individually.

In Christ’s service,

Danny E. Olinger
General Secretary of the Committee on Christian Education

Attachments: 2017 Timothy Conference prospectus and application



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