December 27, 2017 News

New Daily Devotional for 2018 Beginning Monday

Beginning Monday, January 1 and continuing throughout 2018 the OPC website presents Henry T. Vriesen’s Feed My Lambs: A Devotion for Each Day of the Year (Green Bay, Wis.: Reliance Publishing Company, 1950).

The author, a long-time Christian educator, prepared a condensation of the great stories of the Old and New Testament in chronological order—referencing parallel passages for completeness—along with choice selections from the Psalms, wisdom literature, prophets and epistles, divided into manageable selections for each day of the year, using the text of the King James Version of the Holy Bible. (This edition updates certain archaic spellings for easier understanding.)

While this devotional was prepared for parents to use in family devotions, adults will gain a good understanding of the big story of the Bible, thereby whetting their appetite to dig into the details.

To find it, click on the “Daily Devotional” tab at the bottom right of the OPC.org main page, beginning Monday, January 1.



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