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August 04, 2006 News

Fund Established to Aid Missionary Widows and Dependents

The Committee on Foreign Missions announces the establishment of the Widows and Minor Dependents of Deceased Missionaries Relief Fund (formerly the Baugh Family Diaconal Fund). Full details are given in the following documents: "Assistance to the Family of Matt Baugh" (click here) and "Resolution Establishing the Widows and Minor Dependents of Deceased Missionaries Relief Fund" (click here). The Committee is gratified by the generous response from God's people since OPC foreign missionary Matthew D. Baugh, on his way to meet another missionary, was killed in a traffic accident in Haiti. To read the stories that appeared on the OPC website, click here. For further information contact the Committee at the following address.

Mark T. Bube, General Secretary
The Orthodox Presbyterian Church
607 N. Easton Road, Building E
Willow Grove, PA 19090-2539 USA
Tel: 215-830-0900
Fax: 215-830-0350
E-mail: bube.1@opc.org


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