Passio Jesu
On Buxtehude, Membra Jesu Nostri

G. E. Reynolds (1949–      )

Nailed feet once beautiful upon
The mountains of Israel with
News of glorious restoration
Now accompanied by your sithe.*

Disabled knees once gamboling
Like a gazelle from lonely town
To lonely town with healing,
Removing every mortal frown.

Helpless hands once touching
Birth-blinded eyes with sight
Astonishing rulers without flinching,
Now facing the darkest night.

Pierced side now provided a hiding
Place for sinners who sent you to
This cursed tree, but you abiding
In your agony remained true.

Expiring breast heaving your last
Breath, bearing our load of sin’s
Deserts in your final agonizing fast
Where our salvation just begins.

Bleeding heart, lamenting your
Cruel rejection by your own people,
Forgetting all faithful covenant lore,
The heavenward point of every steeple.

Agonizing face, once shining in your
Transfiguration, signaling the hope
That just begins as you cry and pour
Out your last words as we grope:

“It is finished.” The temple veil is rent
To gain our glorious entrance into your
Holy place for which you were sent,
Which we now and forever will adore.

* weary sighing

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