September 14, 2003 Q & A

Open Theism


I am glad to see such an organization as yours planting orthodox presbyterian churches. I was writing to ask how informed you are keeping your pastors about the open theism heresy that has infiltrated so many churches and church organizations.


"Open theism" is indeed a heresy. But you ask "how informed you are keeping your pastors about the open theism heresy." That is not an easy question to answer because we do not have a top-down organizational structure that sends out "alerts" from a central office. All of our pastors are committed by vows to the system of doctrine taught in holy Scripture as set forth in the Westminster Faith and Catechisms, which are at a number of vital points utterly at odds with "open theism." Most pastors make an effort to keep abreast of developments in the larger church of Christ, and our denominational magazine runs articles that confront contemporary issues from time to time. We are all on the mailing list for Presbyterian and Reformed Publishing Co. which has put out an excellent critique of "open theism" by Prof. John Frame (No Other God) which I read and found most helpful. So, while I cannot say that none of our individual members have found this heresy attractive (although I haven't encountered any who have!), I am confident it is not making inroads in our churches.



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