September 07, 2003 Q & A

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I am looking for a Study Bible with an accurate translation, but also not too hard to understand like the King James version. A friend of mine told me that the Geneva Study Bible is very easy to understand and accurate. I don't know much about that Bible. In your letter you prefer New American Standard. Is that version easy to understand? Is the Study Bible in New American Standard helpful? Thanks for your help.


Based on what you have said, I think I would be inclined to commend to you the NIV Study Bible - a basically accurate translation in more understandable English than most with excellent cross-referencing and explanatory notes. You can go on-line and look through the NIV Study Bible offerings (2002 edition) available at ChristianBook.com. Another source for the NIV Study Bible (previous edition, preferred by some) is Bible.com. Or go ahead and get the Reformation Study Bible (NKJV) (known earlier as the New Geneva Study Bible), which can also be ordered on-line from Ligonier Ministries or from ChristianBook.com. (Though its notes may be better than those in the NIV Study Bible and its translation more accurate overall, it may be a little more difficult to understand.)

As for Bible translations, I actually prefer either the New American Standard Bible or the English Standard Version as being - in my humble opinion - the most accurate translations overall based on the best manuscripts, but both the NIV and the NKJV are God's Word, and the Spirit can use either one to build you up in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.



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