May 12, 2003 Q & A

Harold Camping


Family Radio's Harold Camping says that the Lord has ceased using the corporate church to evangelize; namely, the corporate church is now dead and true believers should leave their churches or congregations. While I have learned much from Mr. Camping over the years, and while I have no doubt that the corporate church by and large has become apostate, I think that Mr. Camping has been a stumbling block to many believers, especially since his "1994" book and now his "end of the church age" position. What do you think?


You are quite right. Harold Camping had no Scriptural authority in trying to set a date for the Lord's return, and his latest passion is also without Scriptural support. The Church is variously pictured in the book of Revelation, but not as set aside.

His present direction seems to say that he is heading toward becoming a cult leader. I must not judge his heart before God. Just the same, how can he dismiss "the institutional church" with a stroke of the pen?

Were not the seven churches of Asia minor not institutional churches? And Christ commended some of them and warned others. They were institutional ruled by sinful men, and the church on earth will remain institutional till the Lord comes. It's the marvel of the ages that Jesus can accomplish the salvation of all His elect through the labors of sinners!

New Horizons, a magazine published by the Orthodox Presbyterian Church, has included at various times material about Harold Camping. The following items are available on this site:

"1994: The Year of Christ's Return?" by Tremper Longman III (December 1993)

"Harold Camping and the Church Today" by the session of Franklin Square OPC (December 2001)

"Harold Camping's Kingdom Hall" by Jason Wallace (February 2002)



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