March 17, 2003 Q & A

Portraits of Christ


Where can I find your position paper on the use of pictures of Christ.


So far as I know, the OPC does not have a position paper relating to the pictures of Christ. Lest I should speak without knowledge, I consulted two members of our Committee on Christian Education. Neither of them knows of "position papers." The OPC does not produce position papers. Matters of that sort are dealt with in our secondary standards or as related to matters brought before General Assemblies. Decades ago, I was a member of that committee. I recall that the issue was debated, but no action coming to a General Assembly is on record according to the Index of the Minutes of the General Assembly

But I can say positively that neither the Committee on Christian Education nor Great Commissions Publications publish materials with so-called pictures of our Lord. The reasons are very obvious: Though Jesus was man, yet He is God incarnate in human flesh. And the Second Commandment forbids all material representations of God in worship. Moreover no one living knows what our Lord looked like. So we avoid all physical representations of Christ.



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