April 02, 2006 Q & A

Authors of Q&A Answers?


In the past you would give the name of the minister who answered the question. Why is this no longer done?


Greetings in the Name of our Lord.

You indicate that you remember that we have previously given the names of the ministers who answered our questions. Actually, we used to attach only the initials of those men.

We ceased doing so for a simple, but basic, reason. In the preparation of a question and answer for posting on the Internet, the answer is regularly altered. We remove personal references, often add Scripture references or quotes from some source, and sometimes expand on a portion. All of this is intended to make the answer more profitable to those who visit our Web site. But the result is that the original work has been changed, and it would not be honest to represent it as though it were what the original minister had written.

Since that minister did not write exactly what was posted, we do not reveal the name of the man whose answer was the genesis of the answer you see. It would be unkind to expose him publicly to praise or criticism for something that may not have been what he himself wrote!

We do, however, offer to forward any inquiries to these men so that they may respond to the questioner if they wish. If you have further questions you would like to ask the original author of the answer for a particular "Q and A" or if you wish to express some viewpoint to him regarding what you read, please send it to us and we will send it on to him. If he wishes to correspond with you, he will email you directly.

Thank you.



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