April 30, 2006 Q & A

Church Business Meetings on the Sabbath


Regarding the Sabbath day and keeping it holy, what are your thoughts concerning holding business or committee meetings, such as a monthly meeting of the deacons, on Sunday, such as Sunday morning prior to worship? I realize that at times some things may not be avoided, but for those meetings which could be held on another day, wouldn't it be good to do so?


Thank you for your question. The OPC Directory for the Public Worship of God doesn't deal specifically with such activities as you mention; it is more general. It does, however, teach this in Chapter 1, Section 1:

It is the duty of every one to remember the Lord's Day and to prepare for it before its approach. On the preceding day all worldly business should be so ordered by each person and seasonably laid aside that he may not be hindered thereby from sanctifying the Sabbath, as the Holy Scriptures require.

The interesting question occurs: Are church session, diaconal, and committee meetings to be judged "worldly business"? Or can they be viewed as doing the King's business?

Many churches hold such meetings on Sunday as well as congregational meetings and church dinners. Yes, of course, all such activities could be held on weekdays. I fail to see, however, that Scripture, our confessional standards, or the worship directory forbid them.

A good and safe place to begin in such matters is the session of each congregation. They can best judge what is, or is not, beneficial for the well-being of the congregation.

The Lord be with you.



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