February 04, 2007 Q & A

Are Muslims Descendents of Esau?


Are the Muslim nations descendents of Esau? If not, who?


Historical data, as well as the locations of the original sons of Esau, suggest that at least some of the descendants of Esau are in fact part of the Islamic world. But to understand the situation properly we may need to go back further, to Ishmael, one of Abraham's sons, to find that he became a mighty nation as well. Islam in fact does look to Ishmael as one of their fathers.

The existence of both Esau and Ishmael and their descendants must also be traced back to Genesis 3:15 and the conflict that exists between the seed of the Serpent and the Seed of the Woman, who is Christ. Our attention as believers must be upon Christ. All who oppose him, regardless of religious profession, are of their father the devil (see John 8:44). It is only by faith in God’s covenant promise of salvation through Christ that salvation may be attained. The real Islamic problem is not their militancy but the fact that they, like all who do not love the Lord Jesus, are destined for God’s condemnation.

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