February 18, 2007 Q & A

Heidelberg Catechism Teacher's Guide?


I recently received a copy of The Heidelberg Catechism – A Study Guide by G.I. Williamson. This is to be used in my 7th & 8th grade Sunday school class. I have two questions:

1) R. Dean Anderson, Jr., states that the commentary by G.W. Willard is "rather inaccurate, sometimes even to serious misunderstanding." I have this commentary and wonder why Anderson states this without any explanation or proof to such a statement. What is the error?

2) G.I. Williamson's study of the Westminster catechism includes a teacher's guide. Why doesn't he feel or think the Heildelberg needs one?

Thank you for your time.


Dr. Anderson, who wrote the preface for my study of the Heidelberg Catechism, is fluent in several languages. I am not. I am therefore not able to answer your question about his statement concerning G.W. Willard's translation of the Ursinus commentary. But I have known Mr. Anderson from the time he was one of my catechism students, and have abundant reason to believe that he would not say what he did without good reason. At the same time his comment should not be pressed too far. I'm sure he would not want to discourage your use of that translation (unless and until a better exists).

Your second question has to do with what you call "a teacher's guide." I'm not sure what you refer to in that statement. As I write this note I am not aware of a teacher's guide for my study of the Westminster Shorter Catechism. But if you can clarify your question I will try to answer you more fully. (G. I. Williamson)



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