June 10, 2007 Q & A

Christian Singles


This is a little off the doctrine question, but there was not a category for my question so here goes. Has any one given thought to a courtship service for the OPC single out there, perhaps some kind of format where single men and women can get to know each other. It is difficult to find those of the opposite sex of like mind and belief to fellowship with and consider further paths in life.


You put your finger on a real need, one we see the singles in our congregation having to deal with. No such service is presently provided by anyone in the OPC that I know of. A good friend of mine a couple of years ago created a kind of "resume" for his very marriageable daughter (with her picture, bio, testimony, interests, etc., and how to contact him (her dad)). He sent this in an email to all the OP pastors asking them to pass it on to any suitable young men in their congregations; and among the several young men who responded was the one to whom she is now happily married. Maybe you could create your own "resume" and ask your pastor to e-mail it to the other OP pastors. Have you talked to your pastor and/or elders about this? They at least would have contacts with the other churches of your presbytery. I will pass on your suggestion to a few people as something to consider, but obviously cannot promise anything.



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