December 16, 2007 Q & A

Baptists and the OPC


Is it a general practice for OPC ministers to make strong comments concerning believers' baptism and the folly of the Baptist denomination?


Orthodox Presbyterians, especially ministers and elders, strongly disagree with Baptists on their view of baptism, though they recognize sincere Baptists as brothers and sisters in Christ. One thing we don't hear from our pulpits is tirades against Baptists and their doctrine of "believers' baptism." It does no good to our concerns for brotherly love among believers and grieves those who might have friends or relatives who are Baptists. In fact, we will admit to full membership those who are conscientiously committed to Baptist doctrines and practices who are nonetheless comfortable in our churches and wish to become members. Such persons are not permitted to become ordained officers yet are warmly received as brothers and sisters in Christ. (I should perhaps add that only men are eligible for ordained office in the OPC.)

(On a related matter, see the report on "Refusing to Present Children for Baptism" submitted to the Thirty-third General Assembly (1966) of the OPC.)