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Millennial Views


I am looking at different denominations and what they believe. Everything in your web site basically agrees with what I believe, but I was wondering more about your views on premillennialism, amillennialism, and postmillennialism, having to do with the rapture. I was wondering what your views are and why. I hope you understand what I'm asking, and also that I sent this to the right place. Thank you.


The Orthodox Presbyterian Church (OPC) has historically accepted into membership and ordained office all three views on eschatology (doctrine of the last things) with one exception: ordained office bearers, if premillennial, must be "historic" pre-mils. While our doctrinal standards hold to one resurrection of the righteous and the wicked when our Lord returns, followed by one day of judgment, historic premils do not adopt the dispensationalism of the Schofield Bible and of later advocates of dispensationalism. Individuals holding these views are permitted to be members of the OPC, but they may not be ordained officers.

Amillennialism is the predominant position in the OPC, though there are some postmillennialists. The Westminster Confession of Faith clearly holds to the second coming of Christ followed by the resurrection of all the dead followed by a universal judgment and the entrance of the final state both of the righteous and the wicked. I assume you understand these three millennial views. I myself am convinced of the amillennial interpretation, but your question did not ask for a defense of one of these views in particular, so feel free to return for more specific answers should you desire them.

I would add one more word about the OPC. We are not a one-emphasis church. The whole Bible is our only rule of faith and life. And as to the "thousand years," they are mentioned only in the first seven verses of Revelation 20, though their implications reach into both the Old and New Testaments.



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