December 07, 2008 Q & A

Difference between the OPC and the Church of Christ


What is the difference between the OPC and the Church of Christ? I was baptized in the Church of Christ, but since then I have been attending a Presbyterian church.


I must admit, it is a bit difficult to compare such very different denominations in a short note. Part of the challenge is in identifying the exact branch of the Church of Christ (COC) with which you are familiar. You may need to help me with that. The COC, as I understand it, does not consider itself a denomination in the proper sense of the term. In fact, if you try to search it on the web, you get led to the page of many different churches that use similar names. I am familiar with the COC in the south where I live, but I want to make sure that this is what you are referring to. I found one evangelical website that actually did a good job of discussing the history and distinguishing theology of the COC. It also addressed and refuted three significant errors in the COC which relate to baptism for salvation, music, and the work of the Holy Spirit.

If you want to know what the OPC says on these particular issues, please go to our Confession of Faith and read over those sections that deal with effectual calling, justification, baptism, and religious worship. Perhaps the best way I can serve you is to encourage you to read those. Then tell me if we are looking at the same "Church of Christ" and, if so, what particular points of their theology and ours do you have questions about? The differences between us and them are many, but reading over our Confession of Faith may get you going down the right road.



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